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by Brave Song Circle

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Two complimentary songs from the duo's new record, "Unconditional". Enjoy!


released July 13, 2012

Brave Song Circle is Dustin Morris and Lauren Gale.

Tracking and mixing: Eric Pulgino at The Rabbit Hole

Mastering: J.P. Manza at Colorado Sound Studios

All songs written and recorded by Brave Song Circle.



all rights reserved


Brave Song Circle Denver, Colorado

Brave Song Circle (BSC) is Dustin Morris and Lauren Gale being multi-instrumental and spreading love through music. Their harmonies are full, their instruments are plentiful, and their spirits are alive. Self described as “when the Flaming Lips meet the Mamas and Papas and have a boisterous love child with an orchestral mind”, they are emotional psychedelic folk. ... more

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Track Name: Snakeskin
I know everyone wants a part of me because I shed love like a snakeskin in it's moment of heat.
Let's share in the heat of the sun together, oh, you and me.

[This is the unwritten story of you and me.
I think it's time we pick up the pen and start writing.
Oh, it'll be grand and nothing can stop the story of you and me]

I love on the tattoos on your skin.
I want to see every one of them.
Some of them are covered by your clothes so I think it's time for you to shed them like a snakeskin.


Our souls will exist as one as our minds confide in what our bodies are trying to say.

Track Name: The Long Haul
what, what, what a surprise
I thought you were in it for the long haul
when you close your eyes, it's either you see them or you don't
you see them or you don't
when your worlds collided you abided by the same rules for a while
looking back on the time, it's either you take it back or you keep it
take it with you or you leave it
and you always thought that a piece of the puzzle was missing
a slight inclination that something was not right
and they closed down the plant, the factory of reconciliation
cause once not
just trying to get through
just trying to get through this

so you let it all out, what it is you've been holding in
talk, talk to a stranger or anybody who pretends to listen to what's been said before
know what you're going to have in store
well they know you're going to say it, so you might as well say it some more
it's so tough to break these chains
it's going to come
it's going to come whether you want it to or not