by Brave Song Circle

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The duo's sophomore album.


released February 27, 2013

Brave Song Circle is Dustin Morris and Lauren Gale.

Tracking and mixing: Eric Pulgino at The Rabbit Hole

Mastering: J.P. Manza at Colorado Sound Studios

All songs written and recorded by Brave Song Circle.



all rights reserved


Brave Song Circle Denver, Colorado

Brave Song Circle (BSC) is Dustin Morris and Lauren Gale being multi-instrumental and spreading love through music. Their harmonies are full, their instruments are plentiful, and their spirits are alive. Self described as “when the Flaming Lips meet the Mamas and Papas and have a boisterous love child with an orchestral mind”, they are emotional psychedelic folk. ... more

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Track Name: Last Stop Hotel (Never Be The Same)
I was walking through the thickness with my eyes closed.
I couldn't if I was paralyzed, but you helped me begin to move my limbs.
You make me wanna run, you make me wanna climb, you make me wanna swim passed the boundary line.

[Oh, that's what you do.
I'd do just about anything to experience this with you.
I'd do just about anything to speak words designed without movement in mind.}

Like a formless cloud, a faceless moon, safety net in a last stop hotel room.
You were fast asleep (I was pretending) no I moved your feet (I felt everything)


I was pretending until you came along.
You brought me back to reality.
Ah baby, that's what you did for me.

And now I'll never be the same.
Track Name: The Long Haul
what, what, what a surprise
I thought you were in it for the long haul
when you close your eyes, it's either you see them or you don't
you see them or you don't
when your worlds collided you abided by the same rules for a while
looking back on the time, it's either you take it back or you keep it
take it with you or you leave it
and you always thought that a piece of the puzzle was missing
a slight inclination that something was not right
and they closed down the plant, the factory of reconciliation
cause once was..is not
just trying to get through
just trying to get through this

so you let it all out, what it is you've been holding in
talk, talk to a stranger or anybody who pretends to listen to what's been said before
know what you're going to have in store
well they know you're going to say it, so you might as well say it some more
it's so tough to break these chains
it's going to come
it's going to come whether you want it to or not
Track Name: Snakeskin
I know everyone wants a part of me because I shed love like a snakeskin in it's moment of heat.
Let's share in the heat of the sun together, oh, you and me.

[This is the unwritten story of you and me.
I think it's time we pick up the pen and start writing.
Oh, it'll be grand and nothing can stop the story of you and me]

I love on the tattoos on your skin.
I want to see every one of them.
Some of them are covered by your clothes so I think it's time for you to shed them like a snakeskin.


Our souls will exist as one as our minds confide in what our bodies are trying to say.

Track Name: Keep It Simple
when the world is over populated and my eyes are still sedated
that's when I turn to you
you know how to soothe me
when it's cold, and I don't want to go outside
to face a world with so much to hide

I could stay here all night
if you want me to

when the city knows my name
and they're flashing lights just the same as if I was a criminal
baby you know me
going to keep, going to keep it simple
going to give you all my time
you're bringing out the best

I could stay here all night
if you want me to
Track Name: Share It
I just think you're so fantastic, love.
When you walk in the room I'm beside myself.
I just think you're so fucking sexy, love.
When you walk that walk I can't handle myself.

[I don't know what to say to make you want me, but I'd pretty much say anything.
But don't you worry your pretty little head.
Every word that comes from these lips is real]

What are you doing later on tonight?
Can you come over so I can play you a song?
I just wanna make you feel right.
Ain't nothing wrong with that, oh!


Come on over here now, love, and share in the moment with me.
Come on over here now, love, and share in the now with me.

I just wanna share it with you.
Track Name: Stop The World
I want to chase this life down and make it mine
make it mine
we're all alone, with no place to be
still I want nothing but what's right in front of me

if I could stop the world
from spinning round so fast, I would
let the stillness take me
let it all come and go around me as it pleases

I want to pace this life out to chapters I remember
pages filled with melodies
oh love, why do you keep my heart tied up?
still I want nothing more than for you to play my soul like a trumpet

I want to chase this life down
...and make it mine
Track Name: Prove It
There I said it and it's true, I want proof.
Proof that you care and proof that you really want to be there.
Right now there's a resounding noise in my head that's screaming no, no, no, no.
And right now I'm going to listen.

[I feel it beating through my giant heart.
I feel it corroding my beautiful soul.
You don't get to do that, no you can't have that part of me.
You can't have any part of me until you prove it]

I said that to your face once and you told me not to come.
I came anyway without a single expectation.
I want what you're willing to give and you'll get that in return.
You know that means, you're gonna get nothing.


You can't see what I splatter all over the internet until you prove it.
You can't have a free pass to my energy after what you took from me.
There are few, very few, that have offended me so.
And continue to neglect that one thing that you know that I need.


There I said it. I want you to prove it.
Track Name: Critical
we're on our way to the good times
we're on our way back home
sparks in the air trace the rays of your sunshine eyes
don't waste your time on what is not right...now
don't waste your time on what is not right

it's critical
I have to see you
it's critical
I stand near you
it's critical
you make my soul feel better

we're on our way to the table
able to eat whatever we want
clouds in the sky, to the eye shape however they want
they shape however they want



Oh, I love you. Yes, I do.
Oh, you know me well enough to know that when I say "love", you know it's true.

[Oh, baby when we kiss I can tell we were meant for each other's lips.
Oh, the funny thing is we haven't even met our existence.]

Oh, I love how you make me go from zero to eighty in a moment's time.
Oh, there's nothing that can stop us once we've caught this - even if we tried.


Oh, and you've got the most familiar face I've ever seen.
I swear I've seen those smile lines in my dream.
Oh, and now that we are kicking it here, I can watch them slowly appear.